Megara Costume

The Megara costume is based on the character Megara in the Disney animated movie Hercules.  Megara is the brave young god's love interest.

As a piece of trivia, did you know that Megara is a name of an anient Greek city?  Yep, it's true!

In the Disney movie Hercules, Megara also goes by the name Meg.  She's a Greek woman who works for the god Hades (who is actually the brother of Hercules).

Meg was forced to serve Hades when she begged that her love be brought back to life.  That "love" was the Greek god Adonis, who promptly fell in love with someone else and left Meg serving Hades.

However, Hercules touches her heart and she eventually saves him from a falling pillar that crushes her (poor Megara!).

Well, that's Meg and here are some Megara costumes for your perusal.

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